While almost everyone is familiar with the name Christian Dior, the story of the man credited with creating a fashion revolution is often shrouded in mystery. Whether you are well-versed in the Dior narrative, or know nothing more than the name, we think you’ll find something to enjoy in the links collected here. Watch, read, … Continue reading Dior-ducation

New Year, New Glenbow

Happy New Year! We’re welcoming 2019 with open arms and some fresh new art. But before we race into the future, we wanted to look back at some highlights from 2018. We got to experience some incredible things this past year, including getting to know Frida Kahlo and immersing ourselves in the life and incredible … Continue reading New Year, New Glenbow

Cosmic Career: A Gathie Falk Primer

Glenbow's Cosmos exhibition features enchanting paintings of the night sky by ninety-year-old Vancouver based artist Gathie Falk. These whimsical paintings are well-known and widely collected, representing a significant part of Falk’s interdisciplinary output. Perhaps what is less well-known is Falk’s incredible life story, and her contribution as one of Canada’s most radical and pioneering artists … Continue reading Cosmic Career: A Gathie Falk Primer

What We’re Reading – January 4, 2019

Regional News Calgary Herald: A look back at Calgary Arts in 2018Avenue: Best of 2018: 12 Works of Art in Calgary Expedia: Canadians Choose the Best Places to Visit this Year (including Calgary/Glenbow) Canada Canadian Art: What to See in 2019CBC Arts: The year in queer: An A-Z guide to the exceptional LGBTQ arts and … Continue reading What We’re Reading – January 4, 2019

What We’re Reading — December 13, 2018

Glenbow In the News Galleries West: The Glenbow weaves complex stories as it explores real and imagined views of the North from the 19th century.Galleries West: Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal explores the role of the Jingle Dress dance in Indigenous healing Calgary Arts Calgary Herald:  City council’s bold investment in the arts will elevate Calgary when we need … Continue reading What We’re Reading — December 13, 2018