Artist Interview: Albertine Crow Shoe

Connectivity is at the heart of Albertine Crow Shoe’s practice as an artist. Drawing on her family history, her culture and even her dreams, Crow Shoe incorporates traditional symbolism, designs and material into her work her as jeweller, blending it all with new materials and her own unique vision. This approach made Crow Shoe, a … Continue reading Artist Interview: Albertine Crow Shoe

An Open Letter to Glenbow Members from President and CEO Donna Livingstone

The process to physically move Glenbow’s expansive Library and Archives collections has begun, and I can’t think of a better team than the staff from Glenbow and the University of Calgary working together to oversee the challenge of moving millions of records, books, photographs, maps, diaries, journals and business files as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Curator Conversation: Ladylikeness

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter,” once said Oscar Wilde, which leaves us to ponder what the artworks in Ladylikeness: Historical Portraits of Women by Women reveal about their creators. In short, quite a lot. Through Ladylikeness, which Glenbow produced in partnership with Library … Continue reading Curator Conversation: Ladylikeness

What We’re Reading – March 5, 2019

From media coverage of our exhibitions to intrigue in the art world at large, here are the links that had us clicking in the past couple of weeks. Glenbow in the News Calgary's Chris Cran still 'tampering with people's perceptions' in new Glenbow exhibition – Calgary Herald – read. Dramatic self-portraits by Cree artist seek … Continue reading What We’re Reading – March 5, 2019

What We’re Reading

From the bizarre to the inspired, the local to the international and the little-read to the viral, here are some of the art and culture news stories that we’re reading right now. Christian Dior at Glenbow News First 10 years of Christian Dior’s fashions on display at Glenbow – CTV – read or watch Glenbow … Continue reading What We’re Reading