Nunavut Day and a Note from Becky Tootoo

Today, July 9, is Nunavut Day which celebrates the passage of the Nunavut Land Claims Act in Canadian Parliament on July 9, 1993.In October 2018, Glenbow curator Joanne Schmidt traveled to several communities in Nunavut to share images taken by photographers Geraldine and Douglas Moodie in and around Qatiktalik (Fullerton Harbour) between 1903-1909. During the visit … Continue reading Nunavut Day and a Note from Becky Tootoo

Curator Q+A: Paul Seesequasis

By Zoltan Varadi, Glenbow Museum James Brady led the kind of life that could easily be made into an epic film. He was both a fearless political organizer and intrepid outdoorsman; a card carrying Marxist and veteran of the Canadian Forces in World War II. Among his achievements were the founding of the Métis Association … Continue reading Curator Q+A: Paul Seesequasis

Glenbow From Home

While the museum may be temporarily closed, we still want to create opportunities for you to experience art outside of Glenbow’s walls. We know art can provide inspiration, beauty and, most importantly, a sense of connection to the people and world around us. We also know that having access to art and culture is an … Continue reading Glenbow From Home

Community Connection: Tunde & Motola Dawodu

By Zoltan Varadi, Glenbow Museum For over 26 years now, there has existed a small but significant portal on the prairie into the heart of West Africa. Where Symbols Meet: A Celebration of West African Achievement, which opened at Glenbow in 1994, offers a window to the art and stories of five major cultural groups … Continue reading Community Connection: Tunde & Motola Dawodu

The Blackfoot Language Revival

By Zoltan Varadi, Glenbow Museum In 1957, Sheldon First Rider, a member of the Kainai Nation, was taken from the home he shared with his grandmother and sent to St. Paul Residential School near Cardston  – just one of the estimated 150,000 Indigenous children in Canada placed in the residential school system over the course … Continue reading The Blackfoot Language Revival