Decoding Dior’s Delphine

“Linings: These are very important in the modern way of making clothes. What is inside is sometimes more important than what appears!” - Christian Dior, Talking about Fashion (1954) We've been in love with Delphine from the moment that technicians from the Royal Ontario Museum opened the crate in which she was transported to Glenbow … Continue reading Decoding Dior’s Delphine

Artist Interview: Meryl McMaster

Meryl McMaster’s powerful photographic explorations of identity and representation have seen the artist’s star steadily ascend within the contemporary art world. The Globe and Mail writes that “There's a mythic quality to McMaster's images, but they also show the burden of history…,” while CBC Arts describes her work as “…a striking collection of contemporary photography … Continue reading Artist Interview: Meryl McMaster

The Art of Collecting: Recent Acquisitions

Glenbow’s goal is to collect and share stories that matter to our community. The Recent Acquisitions series of exhibitions offer an opportunity to show how Glenbow’s collection is growing and evolving. Each of these objects or artworks holds a story (maybe even a few). They can also inspire new stories, gaining life and purpose from … Continue reading The Art of Collecting: Recent Acquisitions

Artist Interview: Albertine Crow Shoe

Connectivity is at the heart of Albertine Crow Shoe’s practice as an artist. Drawing on her family history, her culture and even her dreams, Crow Shoe incorporates traditional symbolism, designs and material into her work her as jeweller, blending it all with new materials and her own unique vision. This approach made Crow Shoe, a … Continue reading Artist Interview: Albertine Crow Shoe

Art du Jour: Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior

Look out for these blue labels beside singular artworks on Saturdays & Sundays to catch your own Art du Jour. Catch a five to ten minute Art du Jour discussion led by our knowledgeable education team. Several of these spontaneous tours will be offered per day on Saturdays and Sundays on the second floor, so … Continue reading Art du Jour: Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior