The House of Dior has a long history of working with artists and illustrators to represent the fantasy, beauty and desire of the fashions, perfumes and accessories in the brand’s advertisements. Inspired by this history, and by Christian Dior’s own fashion illustrations, we approached Calgary fashion illustrator Rachael Meckling to help us evoke the spirit of Dior in a short video ad for the Christian Dior exhibition. Christian Dior’s love of flowers provided the creative spark, and Rachael worked with animator and digital artist Diana Lynn VanderMeulen to craft a whimsical tribute to Dior that celebrates the history of the famous fashion house.

About the Artists

Rachael Meckling is a fashion & beauty illustrator living in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. With a strong love for nature, women, fabrics and form, she paints whimsical, feminine subjects with a minimalist approach. Her favourite colour is pink. Rachael has a unique ability to bring meaningful portraits to life during enchanting LIVE portrait sessions. Rachael’s quick eye and fluid lines are a delight to watch as her drawings take shape and evoke the stylish spirit of her subjects.

See more of Rachael’s work: Instagram: @rachaelmeckling

Diana Lynn VanderMeulen is a multimedia artist based in Toronto. Her work investigates the mysterious elements of our natural world through the selective vision of magical realism. An objective in creating and exploring these realms is that of provoking the subconscious; to challenge our reality by lifting the viewer into a deeper inner state of mind, sifting through the longing within our day-to-day lives in order to create seemingly unlikely effervescent entrances suggestive of that which may feel like a mirage.

See more of Diana’s work  instagram: @dianalynnvdm