While the museum may be temporarily closed, we still want to create opportunities for you to experience art outside of Glenbow’s walls. We know art can provide inspiration, beauty and, most importantly, a sense of connection to the people and world around us.

We also know that having access to art and culture is an important part of our daily lives. While we can’t be doing that in person at the moment, we’re planning on bringing you the best of Glenbow online — through virtual tours, online collections, educational videos, activity ideas, webinars and more.

Here is our schedule so you can stay connected with us online. We will get through this together as a community. ❤️

Wednesdays, 10am: Content for school-aged kids (think a virtual tour through our rocks & minerals gallery with a member of our education team, our favourite art activities you can do at home, etc)

Fridays, 10am: Content for adults (think an online collection of art from our collection, webinar links, etc)

You’ll be able to follow #GlenbowFromHome on all of our social media channels — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — or you can just check back in here as we’ll be updating this post as well go along. We’ll also be tagging content with #glenbow and #museumfromhome.

PS. Some of this online content might not be the quality you’ve come to expect from Glenbow, but we’re creating it from home in the spirit of spontaneous inspiration, so we hope you’ll forgive us!

Vivian Maier’s Rolleiflex Camera

Friday, April 3
Today’s #GlenbowFromHome is for all the Vivian Maier & photography fans out there. We’re diving into some details about the Rolleiflex TLR, the camera that Vivian Maier used to capture some of her most famous (and her finest) photographs.

Vivian Maier’s first camera was a modest Kodak Brownie box camera with one shutter speed, no aperture and no focus control. When she purchased her first Rolleiflex camera In 1952, at the age of 26, it changed her approach to photography. It was ideal for her style of street photography – because the camera is held at waist level, it allows the photographer to set up a shot while being much more inconspicuous. Over the course of her career Vivian used the Rolleiflex 3.5T, the Rolleiflex 3.5F, the Rolleiflex 2.8C, the Rolleiflex Automat and others. She also experimented with colour film, using single lens reflex (SLR) cameras, including a Leica IIIc, an Ihagee Exakta, and a Zeiss Contarex.

Glenbow’s Rolleiflex camera is from our collection of education objects that can be handled

Ways of Looking: Finding Meaning in Art

Wednesday, April 1 (YAY, we made it to April!)
Today’s #GlenbowFromHome project for kids is a video tutorial on finding meaning in art. We call this our Ways of Looking activity and if you have a kid who has been to Glenbow on a school field trip, they likely would have learned about this visual literacy method. This method not only helps teach critical thinking, but also helps make sense of the world around us. Try it out! And remember there are no wrong answers when it comes to looking at art.

Feel Good Gallery

Friday, March 27
For today’s edition of #GlenbowFromHome we are releasing a small online gallery of artwork from Glenbow’s collection. We’ve titled this the Feel Good gallery, a collection of works with the simple intention of making you feel good. Works that might transport you, help you breath deeper or maybe even cause you to crack a smile. Something we all need right now. 

“There is no word for art. We say it is to transfer something from the real to the unreal. I am an owl, and I am a happy owl. I like to make people happy and everything happy. I am the light of happiness and I am a dancing owl.” – Kenojuak Ashevak

Glenbow has been closed to the public since Friday,  March 13. We know that art can provide inspiration, beauty and, most importantly, a sense of connection to the people and world around us. This is why we started #GlenbowFromHome; to provide you, our community, with a regular infusion of art and culture into your life.

Rocks & Minerals: Ammonite & Petrified Wood

Wednesday, March 25
This edition of #GlenbowFromHome is for all the kids learning from home! It features Glenbow educator Cory who will teach you about two of his favourite pieces in the Treasures of the Mineral World gallery, ammonite and petrified wood.  

After you view this micro video tour, depending on the age of your child, you can ask and research these questions together: 

The inland sea that Alberta’s ammonites lived in is called the “Western Interior Seaway.” What else lived in the Western Interior Seaway?

What are some of the species of mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, turtles, sharks, and other fish that lived in it?

How long did the Western Interior Seaway exist?

Why did it eventually drain away? 

The Petrified Forest in Arizona dates to the middle Triassic period, about 225 million years ago. What was the environment in Arizona like back then?

How is it different from Arizona today?

What early species of dinosaurs lived in the Petrified Forest? What species of giant amphibians? What species of mammal-like dicynodonts? What species of crocodile-like rauisuchids and armoured aetosaurs?

What is the most common species found at the Petrified Forest? 

Note: This video was shot on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, two days before we were closed to public.

Follower Participation!

Monday, March 23
It’s follower participation day on the latest #GlenbowFromHome! If you’d like to play along, just check out our previous posts at the blog link below and stay tuned for more activities in the days ahead.

Our first batch of contributions are as follows: an amazing bike-chain sculpture from Greg tagged in response to our first post that was centered on Jeff de Boer’s Barbed Wire Bronco sculpture; likewise Eva, age 6, and her dad were inspired by the story of Cyclone, the bronco in question; Insta-follower “@simplic” took us up on the Vivian Maier-style selfie challenge; as did Anna, who took the action into the great outdoors.

Coming up Weds – content from our 21st Century Learning resources for the kids and on Friday a video demonstration of a Rolleiflex camera (same kind Vivian Maier used).

Vivian Maier: In Her Own Hands

Friday, March 20
Glenbow Adult Education Coordinator Jennah Turpin walks you through four key aspects from the exhibition Vivian Maier: In Her Own Hands, which we’d really love for everyone to be able to see.

After you view the video tour, if you’re feeling inspired, find a mirror in your home and try your best Vivian Maier-inspired self-portrait! Share your photo with #GlenbowFromHome. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!!  

For those of you who want more in depth reading on Vivian Maier, check out:

Our Vivian Maier Primer with all the links you could possibly need.

And this interview we did with Ann Morin, curator of the Vivian Maier: In Her Own Hands exhibition.

Barbed Wire Bronco

Wednesday, March 18
Glenbow educator Cory Gross shares the amazing true story of Cyclone, the horse that served as inspiration for Calgary artist Jeff de Boer’s Barbed Wire Bronco sculpture in the museum’s Mavericks gallery.

After watching this video, depending on the age of your child, you can ask and research these questions together:

Tom Three Persons was a Siksika cowboy. What can you learn about the Siksika people?

Where is the Siksika First Nation?

What important Historic Park is found on the Siksika First Nation and what happened there?

The events and the rules for the Calgary Stampede rodeo were different in 1912 than today. Cory mentioned one of those different rules for saddlebronc riding in the video.
What was it?

What events were part of the 1912 Calgary Stampede rodeo that aren’t done today?

What events done today weren’t done in 1912? What year did chuck-wagon racing become a Calgary Stampede event? 

Here are some useful links to help with your research:
Glenbow’s Niitsitapiisini Blackfoot Stories microsite: https://www.glenbow.org/blackfoot/EN/html/index.htm
Canadian Encyclopedia: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/…/…/blackfoot-siksika
Calgary Stampede History: https://www.calgarystampede.com/heritage

Feeling extra inspired by Cyclone? Create your own artwork inspired by this sculpture and share it with us using the hashtag #GlenbowFromHome