While almost everyone is familiar with the name Christian Dior, the story of the man credited with creating a fashion revolution is often shrouded in mystery. Whether you are well-versed in the Dior narrative, or know nothing more than the name, we think you’ll find something to enjoy in the links collected here. Watch, read, … Continue reading Dior-ducation

Curating Dior: Dr. Alexandra Palmer

Besides curating the exhibition Christian Dior, Dr. Alexander Palmer has to-date penned three-fashion focused books, two of which concern Dior exclusively, including the recently-published official exhibition catalogue, Christian Dior: History and Modernity, 1947 – 1957. Interestingly, she tells us that when she was first drawn professionally into the orbit of the famed designer, she was … Continue reading Curating Dior: Dr. Alexandra Palmer

Glam Glossary

Do you have trouble distinguishing what's haute and what's not? In preparation for the exhibition Christian Dior, we put together a guide of a few key terms you may come across as we head into the world of high fashion. Atelier – Translates to “workshop” and, in fashion, is where the garments are produced. Bones … Continue reading Glam Glossary

Fashion Illustration Comes to Life

The House of Dior has a long history of working with artists and illustrators to represent the fantasy, beauty and desire of the fashions, perfumes and accessories in the brand’s advertisements. Inspired by this history, and by Christian Dior’s own fashion illustrations, we approached Calgary fashion illustrator Rachael Meckling to help us evoke the spirit … Continue reading Fashion Illustration Comes to Life