What We’re Reading

From the bizarre to the inspired, the local to the international and the little-read to the viral, here are some of the art and culture news stories that we’re reading right now. Christian Dior at Glenbow News First 10 years of Christian Dior’s fashions on display at Glenbow – CTV – read or watch Glenbow … Continue reading What We’re Reading

Leah Van Loon: Dressing Dior (without Dior)

Update: Join Leah for an intimate and insightful haute couture talk and Dior tour on the evening of March 21st at Glenbow. Click here for more information and tickets. So, you’re going to a party, but not just any party: the hosts have suggested evoking the spirit of Christian Dior, but chances are you don’t … Continue reading Leah Van Loon: Dressing Dior (without Dior)