Installing Nick Cave’s Architectural Forest

Of the many wonders encountered in the exhibition Nick Cave: Feat., the most monumental is the Architectural Forest, a large-scale installation with thousands of brightly coloured beads and almost psychedelically patterned strands of bamboo. As visitors walk around the hanging elements, which collectively suggest an enchanted forest of sorts, their visual perception of its architecture … Continue reading Installing Nick Cave’s Architectural Forest

Rescue Me: Nick Cave’s Affinity for Found Objects

Abandoned objects play a central role in the work of visual artist Nick Cave. His creative process often begins with a trip to a second-hand store or flea market (he makes a point to visit one in every city he finds himself in). Cave searches for interesting objects that hold nostalgic or historical meaning or … Continue reading Rescue Me: Nick Cave’s Affinity for Found Objects

Conversing with Cave

Glenbow News caught up with Nick Cave the day before his exhibition, Nick Cave: Feat, officially opened to the public. The 60-year-old Chicago based artist was in Calgary to install his exhibition and had just finished his last task of the day – placing 500 freshly-pressed hand towels into a tall and precarious stack, draped … Continue reading Conversing with Cave